Costiera Amalfitana – The Amalfi Coast




Shopping for Treasures and Delicacies Along the Amalfi Coast


There is so much to see and do on the Amalfi Coast. Perhaps the most indulgent task to undertake on your next visit is shopping. The best places are often those that sell Positano sandals and gallons of luscious Limoncello. Here are some suggestions for your next shopping trip along the Amalfi Coast, also known as La Costiera Amalfitana.


You will want to see the ceramic workshop at Vietri Sul Mare for authentic Vietri dinnerware. Why buy it online when you can take a real piece of Italian ceramic art home with you? Another must-see is the Ceramica Artistica Solimene where you can get bargain serving ware that still qualifies as art even though it comes off as being overly simplistic.


Lemons are a big part of the landscape and grow in just about every garden and are used in many recipes like ravioli, lemon peel, and lemon leaves. The most famous lemon delicacy from the Amalfi coast has to be the Limoncello which is made from the two varieties of lemons which grow most prolifically in the area.

Antichi Sapori d’Amalfi is the most recommended place to buy Limoncello, but a few others will sell you this tempting drink in as many quantities as you can bring back home with you. This shop also sells a famous Concerto liqueur created by Monks centuries ago.



As it is right near the ocean, the region is famous for all things seafood including anchovies. Specialty shops sell salted anchovies packed in jars that are perfect for checked bags. Various shops will also feature tuna packed in jars with the perfect seasonings. Oils and other delicacies are available and make perfect souvenirs of the tastes of this wonderful and visual coast.


La Colatura is another exquisite item to seek out on a shopping jaunt. This is a more modern version of Rome’s garum. There is a festival that celebrates the preparation during the month of March and it lasts all through July.  This is the ancient oil used to season meals in ancient Rome and Byzantine and it is still in production to this day in a slightly altered recipe.


It is derived from the bones of anchovies caught in spring which are removed and left in salt water for a day until they are taken to wooden casks and pressed in between salt layers. Savory and delectable, this is something to experience in addition to shop for. It is also fast becoming a gourmet condiment finding its way onto culinary menus again. For dessert, you might be able to pack a Panettone cake with lemon in your bag from Pansa bakers. Souvenirs which are easy to pack for a flight home include specialty papers and stationery as the area was once the paper making capital of Europe.


Shopping along this beautiful coast is best done early or late in the day. You may wish to beware of street vendors and stick to well-reviewed shops. Be sure to bring Euros with you as most shop owners prefer this method of payment.


In the spirit of this area, there is now an online store called Amalfitana.  The owners have had a long relationship with the west coast of Italy and so they name the store after their favourite town.  The online store sells anything from fashion accessories to electronics. They have great items in their kid’s clothing and mens clothing collection.  So if you can’t make it to Amalfi for awhile, check out the online store.